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Sorry about that, we’re back. The writers here, including myself, haven’t been focusing on making posts recently due to unrelated activities. Today I’d like to announce that HoldenCasey is back up and we’ll post at least once a week. We already have some great political and financial posts in the writing phase, and baseball season has begun, meaning we’ll have a lot to write about in our sports section. But first, let’s talk about what has happened since the last post.

Our most recent post was from over a month ago, and it gave a brief description of the exit of Rex Tillerson. Side note, we’re going to stop making short, headline-only posts like the one I’m describing. I feel that they are uninformative and only reflect the writing of other news sources, not our own. I’m advising other writers about this change as well. You’ll start to see longer, more in-depth posts about our original thoughts and ideas, rather than short news posts that reiterate other sources. Anyway, since March 13th, many things have happened. Most importantly, Conor Lamb won the Pennsylvania 18 special Congressional election, making him the first Democrat to flip a Republican-held House of Representatives seat since 2016. We’ll talk about this win, among others, in an upcoming post explaining the best way to figure Democrat’s chances in the midterms. Next, we’ve learned about Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. While this news should be covered and should be explained, I personally will not be discussing the matter. Lastly, we’ve gotten a whole slew of new polls and rating changes, most notably the WI-01 House race after Paul Ryan announced his retirement. I’ll cover those new polls in an upcoming post, “The Current State of the Voters.” You can expect that post to be released by the end of the week.

Thank you to all of our devoted readers, and a special thanks to Mrs. T for her motivation and support. Our next post should be released tomorrow at the latest.

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