Tillerson Out as SoS

Rex Tillerson has been replaced by Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo was the CIA Director. Tillerson said he is unaware of the reason for his firing and has not spoken to President Trump. He learned of his firing only after Trump tweeted, according to his aide. That aide has since been fired by the White House. Tillerson had just returned from an official trip to African nations. Months ago, word got out that Tillerson had reportedly called Trump a “moron.” He neither confirmed nor denied doing so. Another piece of importance: last October, we learned that Mattis, Mnuchin, and Tillerson made a “suicide pact,” meaning that all would leave if one was fired. It is unclear whether they stand by this commitment. This story will update as new information is learned.

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    1. also you need to update this website it says 3:44 when it was 4:44 when i posted that daylight savings happened

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