Senate Rejects Bipartisan DACA Plan

The Senate rejected a series of bipartisan immigration proposals today, ending a weeklong negotiation with essentially no progress. The main proposal, created by Sen. Collins’ Common Sense Coalition, got 54 votes in the affirmative, but failed to reach the required 60 votes. The White House had planned to veto the proposal had it been passed. Another proposal, pushed by Trump and the GOP, got only 39 votes, with 14 Republicans voting against it and all but 3 Democrats voting against it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it “a disappointing week,” saying,

“Democrats wanted this debate. They shut down the federal government for 300 million Americans — unnecessarily — to guarantee we could have this debate at this time.”

The deadline for DACA is March 5th, and a number of bipartisan bills have already been announced, only to be sabotaged by Trump.

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