Falcon Heavy Launch Successful

Today, Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched their first Falcon Heavy. The rocket is the world’s most powerful, with two large boosters attached to a main core. The rocket’s payload is a Tesla Roadster playing David Bowie music. It is currently on track towards Mar’s orbit, where it will orbit the sun for billions of years. The two side boosters of the rocket successfully landed back on ground, while the core crashed into the ocean. The rocket has completed a six hour coast, and has successfully re-burned. The rocket is passed Mars’ orbit and is nearing the Asteroid Belt.

SpaceX has received federal grants from NASA for multiple missions, including deploying many satellites and resupplying the ISS. However, SpaceX paid for the Falcon Heavy with internal funds.

This launch marks a huge step in space exploration, as this rocket will most likely be used to one day take humans to Mars. You can watch the full launch and landing here.

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