First Look At Solo Trailer

It is finally here. The first official “trailer” is here. It aired today on Good Morning America. After a tough wait of about twelve hours after the Superbowl teaser, we are only given a minute and forty-three seconds. This is rather short for a block buster trailer. Of course, this movie will feature the inseparable duo, Han Solo and Chewbacca. I do expect this movie to make a great box office. Stay tuned for the upcoming review.

This movie trailer is a classic setup, some may even consider it a cliche. This is because It starts off with the movie protagonist introducing a backstory with music in the background. This doesn’t by any means make the trailer a bad one, but Disney is known for innovation. The trailer also has a darker feel, even for the Han Solo Character. This was a good decision on the part of the writers. While we do not know the entire story-line, I do believe it will involve a heist. This is because of the second cliche: Whenever a character says, “I’m putting a team together,” it usually involves stealing or breaking into something.

The film will premiere on May 25, 2018


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