Trump Immigration Deal

The Trump Administration recently announced their framework for a new immigration bill. The deal would allow 1.8 million immigrants to gain US Citizenship and become legal residents. The deal includes reauthorizing DACA, which would give 690,00 young immigrants legal protection. In return for this, the deal would include $25 billion in funding for the US/Mexico border wall. It would also significantly alter the current Diversity Immigrant Visa program, instead choosing to give green cards based on merit. Finally, the deal would prevent family chain migration, which is when immigrants already in the United States sponsor their relatives to immigrate.

The bill would need 60 votes in the Senate, meaning at least 9 Democrats and all Republicans would have to vote in favor. An immigration deal must be reached by March 5th, or DACA recipients will begin to lose their protections.

This new framework comes after months of immigration talk. On September 5th of 2017, Trump announced an end to DACA and put it on Congress to pass a new DACA bill. Recently, Senate Democrats asked for the inclusion of DACA in the government budget, but Republicans instead opted for a shutdown.

For more on the new framework, I suggest you read this Vox article.

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