Netflix Soars on Quarterly Report

Netflix (NFLX) is up 8% after hours today, after rising 3% during trading hours. The reasoning behind this: their quarterly report.

Netflix’s quarterly report this afternoon was astounding. Here are the major points:

  • Earnings per Share of 41 cents (41 expected)
  • $3.29 billion in revenue ($3.28 expected)
  • 8.33 million new subscribers (6.39 expected)

A year ago, Netflix only made 15 cents per share and $2.48 billion in revenue. With the new money, Netflix plans to invest around $8 billion in content.

While these results may seem good, many analysts are predicting a decline later in the year when Disney released their new streaming service. However, Netflix still provided bullish Q1 projections, expecting a growth in both revenue and EPS. Netflix stock is up over 66% year over year.

Full a full breakdown, read CNBC’s article.

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