Roy Moore Leads in New Poll

A new Gravis Marketing Poll found Roy Moore (R) leading Doug Jones (D) by 4 points at 49-45, a considerable shift from their previous poll, which found Jones leading Moore by 4 points. It is worth noting that Gravis recently changed their model from +15 R to +23 R. Had the model not changed, the poll would have Jones +2.

On December 12, the people of Alabama will vote for their new Senator. This is a special election due to Jeff Sessions being appointed Attorney General. This race would not normally be close, but the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, was recently accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment by multiple women, saying that he made unwanted moves on them when they were teenagers. More news has since come out backing this up, including a piece stating that Roy Moore was banned from a mall for harassing little girls.

You can find the poll here.

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